College may be the first chance you have to study Classical Greek or Latin, both of which will provide you with a window to many exciting opportunities.

Image from 2008-2009 Study Abroad Photo ContestOfferings in Classical Studies at Lafayette comprise language courses in Latin and Greek as well as courses in Classical Civilization. Latin and Greek are critical to the study of law, along with the life, natural, and social sciences. In fact, for each additional year of language studies, research shows a wide range of benefits, including improved verbal scores on graduate and professional school entrance exams (GREs, MCATs, LSATs). In addition to Latin and Greek, Lafayette also offers courses in Classical Civilization as well as an interdisciplinary minor in Classical Civilization, which provides a strong foundation in ancient Mediterranean history and cultures, particularly of classical Greece and Rome.

The Minor in Classical Civilization

Requirements are a minimum of six courses including either three language courses in Latin and/or Greek, or three courses in Classical Civilization; and three approved electives selected in consultation with the program chair. Curious about what is happening on campus in Classics and what the students are doing?  Visit the Classics events page.

Electives for the Classical Civilization minor

Courses in Classical Civilization and Related Fields

ART 101: Introduction to Art History 1 [GM1, H]

ART 221: Ancient Art [W]

CL 101: Survey of European Literature I [H, V, W]

CLSS 103: Classical Mythology [H]

CLSS 123: Roman Military and Warfare [H]

CLSS 220: Greek Tragedy and Beyond: From Aeschylus to Woody Allen [H]

CLSS 225: Ancient Science and Medicine: Greek and Latin Terminology and Scientific Culture [H, V]

CLSS 230: Insiders and Outsiders in Ancient Rome [GM1, GM2, H]

CLSS 320: Greeks and Barbarians [GM1, H, V]. Prerequisites.

CLSS 325: Slavery in the Ancient Greek and Roman World [GM1, H, GM2].

CLSS 335: Roman Technology and Engineering [GM1, H]

CLSS 351: Special Topics in Classical Literature in Translation (Independent Study)

CLSS 460: Reading and Research in Classical Literature (Independent Study)

HIST 201:  History of Greece [GM2, SS]

HIST 202: Roman History [GM1, SS]

INDS 214: Journey to Rome: Approaching and Exploring the Eternal City (January interim abroad, offered every two years)

PHIL 214: First Philosophers [H]

REL 202: Christian Scriptures [H, V]

REL 213: Judaism: Faith, Communities, Identity [GM 1, H, V]

Language Courses

GRK 101, 102: Elementary Greek I & II

GRK 111, 102: Intermediate Greek I & II [H]

LAT 101, 102: Elementary Latin I & II

LAT 111, 112: Intermediate Latin I & II [H]

LAT 211: Advanced Latin [H]

Please see the Lafayette Course Catalog for official descriptions of the Greek and Latin courses and other subjects offered by the Department of Languages and Literary Studies.

Please see the Course and Exam Schedule for a current list of courses and times, including special-topics courses not listed in the permanent Course Catalog.